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We encourage all new students seeking admission to consult with an Advisor prior to their registration date. Advisors can help you achieve a more fulfilling educational experience through an advising relationship.  While post secondary education can be one of life's most rewarding experiences, it can be a confusing adventure for some, and an intimidating process for others. With an Advisor you can:

  • Explore career and post secondary options
  • Choose or change your program or courses
  • Select courses that will help you clarify your options
  • Clarify your educational goals
  • Develop your educational plans
  • Explore the impacts of dropping a course
  • Make a switch to a new program
  • Get connected with appropriate resources
  • Ask questions: Information we can provide

We recommend that all students should meet with an Advisor. Research indicates that students who meet with an Advisor are more likely to meet their goals. If you feel that you have particular barriers impeding your educational goals - for example, you have financial concerns, or haven't completed high school - we can help discuss your options and connect you with resources. To set up an appointment, please call 250.746.3509, or email us at

Note that Advisors will provide information and guidance, but ultimately it is the student's responsibility to choose courses and programs to meet career or educational objectives.

Learning skills counselling

If you have any concerns about managing your work load, study habits, or need some help organizing you can get some help from an Advisor.

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