Tuition Fees

Tuition fees vary for different programs. See the Tuition fee schedule or each individual program.

Financial Aid

Financial support is available to help pay for your education. Call Student Affairs, 250.746.3509, to find out more details about the options listed below, or see VIU Programs and Courses.

Student Aid BC

The largest source of funds for students who require financial assistance is Student Aid BC. online applications and information about government student loans are available on Student Aid BC or at Student Affairs.

Work-Opportunities Program

A limited number of part-time jobs, averaging six to eight hours’ work per week, are available to students to provide financial assistance and positive work opportunities.

Canada Study Grants

A special federal grant for high need part-time students who are unable to study on a full-time basis, due to family responsibilities or permanent disabilities.

Adult Upgrading Grant

Covers direct educational costs for students enrolled in Academic and Career Preparation (ACP) or English-as-a-Second Language programs.

Scholarships and Awards

Non-repayable awards given to students who demonstrate high academic achievement and/or community/institution involvement.


Non-repayable funds awarded to students on the basis of financial need.