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Who Can Attend VIU's Cowichan Campus

VIU encourages students to apply for programs, regardless of academic background. It is usually easier to enter one of VIU’s credit programs if you are a secondary school graduate, or equivalent. If you have not completed high school, you may be accepted as a mature student, providing you are 21 years or older; however, you may have to complete prerequisites for some programs.

Lacking program prerequisites – We have courses to help you

If you do not have the necessary general educational background for our programs, we have courses to help you get started. You can choose from our Academic and Career Preparation programs.

Taking a course without tests

If you are interested in taking an academic course at Vancouver Island University for your own personal development, without obtaining credits for a diploma or university degree, consider the audit option. When you audit an academic course, you are expected to attend classes and read the assignments; however, you will not be required to hand in your work or take exams; you don’t receive a grade for the course, but you do receive enjoyment and intellectual stimulation. View University programs.