VIU Cowichan Campus Totems

Bookings and Policies


In acknowledgement of the value of our many community partnerships, the Cowichan campus of Vancouver Island University makes classroom and meeting space available for community use via VIU’s room rental policy. Since our re-location to the new building at 2011 Cowichan Way, the campus has experienced significant growth and thereby classroom space available for external bookings is limited. In order to prioritize VIU instructional activity and ensure we’re meeting campus use needs, we have had to implement a new procedure regarding room rental agreements for external user groups.

Rental requests will be accepted ongoing, but please be advised that a ‘hold’ period is in effect for external room booking confirmations until the first 3 weeks of each academic semester has passed. This allows faculties the required time to process any room changes necessary due to their instructional activity.

Thank you for taking this into account in your event planning. To request a room, complete our Room Booking form.


Once you have booked your event with us, a deposit of 25% of the quoted price is required before the contract will be issued and signed by Vancouver Island University. A deposit is required if the total estimated charges are greater than $200. The balance of the contract will be invoiced once the event is complete. If additional costs have been incurred, that amount will be add to the final invoice.


Invoices are to be paid within 30 days of receipt. The Renter will be billed for all dates of use as indicated in this contract unless VIU receives prior notice of a group’s cancellation.


Notice of cancellation must be received in writing ten (10) working days before the event. The total rental fee if payable for any rental cancelled with less than five (5) working days’ notice.

Vancouver Island University reserves the right to change or cancel the rental agreement if deemed necessary without further liability of any nature, upon return of the Renter's deposit. In such event, Vancouver Island University will endeavour to accommodate the Renter requirements for event space to the best of its ability.


The Renter is required to meet Vancouver Island University’s insurance requirements. Please contact Room Rentals for details.

If you have any questions please email: Niki Scarfo at