Adult Basic Education (Upgrading)

Complete high school courses and prepare for entry at Vancouver Island University. We offer face-to-face, online and blended courses.

To plan your courses, view the Adult Basic Education Timetable.

Drop-in to see our ABE Student Success Advisor on Mondays and Wednesdays from 1:00 - 2:45 pm. If you are unable to attend a drop-in session call,

To Register for a Course

  1. Attend a drop-in session.
  2. Obtain a "Permission to Register" form.
  3. Complete the Application for Admission to VIU.
  4. Submit all transcripts.

Permission to Register

We want our students to be successful! In order to place students into appropriate course levels, we need to have a look at transcripts from previous schools. Sometimes it's best if potential students write an assessment. If you've been out of school for some time, writing an assessment ensures we enrol you into the appropriate course level.

Writing Assessments

If you are writing an assessment, please take the time to prepare. A quick subject review will help us place you appropriately.

Assessment Packages


Level 1 – Basic

Basic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics.

Courses: English 010, Math 010.

Level 2 – Fundamental

A continuation of basic skills development in reading, writing and mathematics, as well as an emphasis on study skills and confidence building.

Courses: English 020, English 025, Math 020.

Level 3 – Intermediate

Grade 10 equivalency, to prepare for the many vocational programs that require Grade 10, and to prepare for Grade 11 and 12 subjects.

Courses: English 037, Math 030.

Level 4 – Advanced

Grade 11 equivalency, to prepare for vocational, academic or technical programs that require Grade 11.

Courses: English 047, Math 041, Math 047, Physics 047, Chemistry 047.

Level 6 – Provincial Level

The Grade 12 academic level provides you with Grade 12 academic course completion and prerequisites for University and Career/Technical programs.

Courses: English 067, Math 067, Biology 067, Chemistry 067, Physics 067.

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