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Campus Life Activities

Watch the digital display opposite the Welcome Centre, check the bulletin boards on the second floor and outside Student Affairs, watch the Student Newsletter, and check back for exciting events for VIU students!

Fall 2018 Semester

Fitness for $1

Your campus life activity program subsidizes your use at the Cowichan Aquatic Centre, 2653 James Street, Duncan.

Fitness for only $1 when you get your vouchers!

  • $3.35 voucher available for students by showing student card at Student Affairs
  • Must be enrolled in current semester and paying activity fees; non-transferable

The Aquatic Centre includes the 25 metre pool, 3 metre diving board, wave pool, hot tub, sauna and steam room, and the Fitness Centre featuring the Technogym equipment.

Clothing Exchange

  • Thursday, October 18; 12 noon - 4:00 pm, Room 140

Arranged BY students FOR students. Add to your wardrobe without spending any money. Donated items of gently used clothing will be displayed in the Lecture Hall Room 140. Students come, choose any items, and take them home. IT'S THAT SIMPLE! An excellent way to declutter your closet and also stop good, wearable clothes going to the landfill. No limit on how much you can donate. Donations to Student Affairs by October 16.

Study Skills - Note Taking & Mind Mapping

  • Wednesday, Sept 12; 12-1 pm, room 115

How to use notes effectively to enhance memory. Learn about Cornell notes, mind mapping, styles of engagement, right brain and left brain study.

  • Free workshop for students facilitated by Albert Seinen, Educational Advisor.


  • Every Monday from 5:00-6:30 pm, room 380
  • Drop-ins welcome.  FREE

Indigenous Welcome Feast

  • Friday, Sept 14; 11am -2:30pm; room 140

VIU Cowichan is looking forward to welcoming all new and returning First Nation, Inuit, Non-Status, and Métis students to our campus.  Please join us for a traditional prayer, songs, and delicious food, while experiencing the Tzinquaw Dancers and meeting our elders and other support people from our campus community.

Study Skills - Don't Read Every Word

  • Wed, Sept 19; 12-1pm room 115

Read to retain information.
PSQ3R method: Purpose, Survey, Question, Read, Review, Recite

  • FREE workshop for students facilitated by Albert Seinen, Educational Advisor.

Study Skills - Time Management

  • Wed, Sept 26; 12-1pm; room 115

Juggling school, work, and family? Need a 25 hour day!
Explore time management skills, make it work to your advantage, achieve success.

  • FREE workshop for students facilitated by Albert Seinen, Educational Advisor and Tasha Brooks, Office of Aboriginal Education Navigator

Every Child Matters: Orange Shirt Day

  • Fri, Sept 28; 11am - 2pm; room 140

In recognition of the harm that the Indian Residential School system caused to survivors and for those children who died at these schools. This is a day for survivors to affirm that they matter and are cared for.

  • 11:00am Group gathering at the Welcome Centre; wear your orange shirt
  • 11:30am Group photo
  • 12:00pm Talk & Film: “Older than America”, directed by Georgina Lightning, 2008 (1 hr 41 min) Room 140
  • 1:30pm Sharing circle with Elder in Room 135

The Fabulous Film Series

Selections from our bucket list of essential films to see in your life. A great introduction to quality and classic films. We will speak on why each film is important.

  • Show times: 6:30 pm
  • Room 140 - Lecture Theatre
  • Admission is free or by donation and will go towards the Student Emergency Fund.
  • Everyone Welcome

Monday, Oct 15 - Holy Air -  Comedy. Dir. Shady Srour (2017)

A Nazareth man struggling to support his pregnant wife and sick father comes up with a risky new business to sell bottles of holy air.

Monday, Nov 19 - The Trial - Dir. Orson Welles (1962)

An unassuming office worker is arrested and stands trial, but he is never made aware of his charges.

Hiking with Outdoor Recreation

  • 4 seats reserved for Cowichan campus students
  • Sign up at Student Affairs
  • You will be picked up  and dropped off at Cowichan Campus
  • Suitable for fit beginner and intermediate hikers

Juan de Fuca Trail - sign up by Oct 11

  • Sun, Oct 14 from 9am to 6pm, $30/student, $60/non-student

This guided hike into a section of the Juan de Fuca Trail Provincial Park explores a section of the trail that has big beaches, waterfalls, a suspension bridge, and massive old growth forests. Depending on the group's interest, we have two possible options for the day. The first option, we spend the day hiking and exploring the area around Sombrio beach. The second option, we spend the day hiking a 10km section of trail leaving from China Beach. Both options are a lot of fun and very scenic. 

Botanical Beach - sign up by Oct 25

  • Sat, Oct 27 from 9am to 6pm, $30/student, $60/non-student

This guided hike into Botanical Beach Provincial Park explores a section of the trail that has big beaches, rugged west coast sites, fossils and massive old growth forests. Botanical Beach is famous for its tide pools so lots of the day will spent exploring the intertidal zone.

 Cowichan River - sign up by Nov 29

  • Sat, Dec 1 from 11am to 4pm, $15/student, $30/non-student

This guided hike into the beautiful area of Cowichan River Provincial Park for up to 3 hours on relatively easy to moderate trails, with some steep sections going both up and down. The Cowichan River hike is a beautiful experience with interesting geology and ecology.

Cowichan Rideshare is now available!

Why rideshare? Ridesharing saves money: The Canadian Automobile Association reports that the average yearly cost of operating a vehicle can be as high as $8,600 a year, or nearly $23.50 per day!  Ridesharing can help you offset these costs because passengers contribute gas money!  And riding / driving others creates community and safety on the road.

Cowichan Rideshare is being sponsored the Cowichan Elder Care Co-op. It is a free, online service that links people who want a ride with people able to offer a ride at the same time and to the same location. A contribution to gas costs is suggested based on the distance and number of riders, but the acctual amount – if any – is agreed on by the people involved before the ride takes place.

Cowichan Rideshare will be formally launched just before the Elder Care AGM at 1:30 pm on Saturday afternoon March 24 at VIU’s main lecture theatre in Duncan. Learn how to register on Rideshare for a ride - or for riders - to  Kelowna or Calgary,  VIU Nanaimo main campus, Departure Bay, and maybe even Mill Bay Terminal to pick up your travelling friend.   Use your car or ride in theirs.  Let’s save money, wear and tear, traffic congestion and the environment - and make some new, diverse  acquaintances of all ages who could use/offer a lift and a trip contribution.