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Volunteer Tutors 

Do you need some extra help with one or more of your subjects or assistance with developing effective study skills?

The Volunteer Tutor Program is a free service that has matched over 200 students with tutors every year on the Cowichan campus. If you think that some extra help with your studies would make things easier for you, why not request a tutor?

Here’s what to do:

  • Pick up a  purple Tutor Request form from the Learning Centre, Room 120 or Student Affairs
  • Fill the form out and hand it in at Student Affairs
  • Set an appointment to meet with our Volunteer Tutor Coordinator to discuss your needs
  • Wait for the match-up

Interested in Becoming A Volunteer Tutor? Call 250-746-3509.

Volunteer Tutors have been active at the Cowichan Campus of Vancouver Island University since 1985, providing one-on-one help, encouragement, and support to adult learners. Most tutors work with students who are taking courses and need extra help in areas such as writing skills, essays, or math. Some tutors work with literacy learners ~ people who are learning to read and write. Other tutors help individuals prepare for program assessments or tests such as the Accuplacer. Tutors also work with people who are speakers of English as a second language.

It is not necessary to have teaching experience to be a tutor. While there are no specific academic or professional requirements beyond being able to read and write well, there are many personal characteristics that contribute to the success of the tutoring experience. Enthusiasm, patience, a sense of humour, flexibility, open-mindedness, compassion, and empathy are all attributes that will serve you well as a tutor.

Many of the people who request tutors have had negative school experiences in the past; tutors play an important role in providing a supportive, caring environment where learning can be a positive, rewarding experience.

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Tutor, you can put your name on an interest list by phoning Student Affairs at 250-746-3509. The program coordinator will return your call, advise you of the next training session, and arrange an on-site interview. The casual interview will allow you to meet the coordinator, discuss the program, ask questions, and tour the campus. You will be able to determine whether this is a volunteer activity that you want to pursue, and the coordinator will be able to determine if you are a suitable candidate.

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